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A List Of Brokers Who We
Have stock commodity trading Service With





Full stock commodity trading Service
  • trading longs
  • selling short
  • option trades, puts and calls
  • long term, short term holds and some day trading.
  • because day trading is involved your are required by law to have at least $25,000 cash in your account. It is wise to have at least $30,000.
  • Over 95% of trades are GTC orders
  • Sign up for this auto trading service today!

How it works. Choose the broker on our list who has our service, fill out the forms from their web site and send them to your broker. Let me know you have completed the forms and sent them in. I will email you the orders I'm going to place with your broker so you can see a head of time what to look for. You have the power and option to change orders placed by this service. It is recommended you have at least $5,000 cash in your brokers account and have a margin account. It is recommended to allocate each trade with a minimum of $1,500 or 17% of your account which ever is greater.

 Instructions for signing up for the Full Service

  1. Sign up here today!
  2. fill out the brokerage forms of the brokerage firm of your choice
  3. Canadians click here
  4. A List Of Brokers We Have stock commodity trading Service With

Print and fill out the forms that is best for you.

To sign up for the auto trading service with us

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