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My mom got interested in nursing and decided to enroll in school. Both parents had itchy trigger anger issues. My mom was more verbal and social punishing and my dad was physical abuse. I was about 10 years old when my parents divorced. I was relieved and yet nervous. I was relieved because now I only had to watch out for one parent and not two.

At age 12 my mom got a phone call and was fired over the phone from an El Paso hospital. She got fired on the grounds that she allegedly slapping a patient.

We moved to Kerrville, Texas. She recieved alimony, child support and nursing wages. There were times possibly for more than a year or two where she was working 2 jobs at two different hospitals. I was a latchkey kid. I have reason to believe with the above income, she was making good money. I on the other hand didn't see much of that money. She was very neglecting and most of the time I starved. She would hide food or not buy any. During the school year I ate at school for breakfast and lunch on the school program for kids in poverty. When the school year was over I had to look for other means for eating. I had to go out at night to break in to places where there was food and that was all that I was there for. I wasn't there for taking money or tv's.

I was between 13 and 14 when I told my church what was going on and how much I wasn't eating. The church went out and bought a lot of food, mostly non perishables. When they brought it over I was at home. I didn't bother looking in the kitchen for anything, why would I, nothing is ever there anyway. So when they brought in the food I opened the fridge, it was packed, there wasn't any room left for anything else. I was shocked, dismayed, bewildered, and then some. The man behind me looked and saw the fridge was full and that every cupboard was full. I'm sure at this point he was thinking to himself something was wrong with this boy.

I hid all I could under my bed.

A few days later I was at church and attened a private meeting with church leader Bob Greco. I was told many things. There was no investigation, just accusations. I was labled a liar and troubled. They didn't know what my problem was. Couldn't understand why I would make up such stories of starvation, abuse and neglect.

Now I had a bad mother to deal with and a church that thought I was a liar.

All I could think of is that before they went out and bought that food somebody tipped her off.

At the age of 14 my mom told me to get a job or get out. I became a dishwasher at a diner. There was no dish machine. It was me and some other guy in his 20's possibly 30's washing dishes by hand side by side. It was a busy place. After 40 some odd years, it's still there.

Maybe I lasted a month, maybe two. Some former employee wanted to come back so they got rid of me.

1981 One day my mom just up and left. After about four days I knew this couldn't last forever as somebody had to pay the rent or I was out. It was a tough decision. Say something or just be happy she is gone. I called the sheriff and they put out an APB and they debated as to charge her for child abandonment. It turns out she called her self in. She was randomly riding the country on Greyhound going nowhere and everywhere.

1982 was my first year in buying stocks. I was 16. I bought 7 shares of PG&E and I bought it with intent to just to collect dividends. A few months later my mother forced me out of the house to live with my dad. I was under age. If she wanted to she could sell the stock and pocket the money. So I sold it. I made a profit. Not much but at least it was something.

I couldn't figure out why she was so mad when I left. Decades later I figured out that she was loosing child support which I never saw. I left and my dog came with me.

I ended up living in a moblie home on a dirt road in the desert of New Mexico. My dad had a dog also. The two dogs got along but mostly ignored each other.

One day my dog got mad at the other dog for eating out of her bowl. My dad grabbed his revolver and I tried to wrestle the gun out of his hand he then ran out into the yard and started shooting at my dog. My dog jumped the fence and ran off.
My dad never showed interest in my track or chior activities.

I went to college but only for about 1 year.

I went to work in Yosemite. Cheap rent.

In 1993 I entered the United States Investment Championships. I think it cost me $500 for the fee. I got in under the stock trading category. There was futures, mutual fund switching (didn't think that was a thing or at least a money maker), options and other things. I got my name listed in Investors Business Daily 3 or 4 times and once in Barron's. In 1994 I did it again. Never came in first place but was in on the top 20. I was playing with some pretty well known high rollers and I, just a dishwasher.

In 1997 or 98 I started playing with the internet and built a banner ad trading site, classified ads site and some other things.

Around 2002 I became a letter writer where I would have a mailing list notifying people what I was buying and selling and posting my positions on my website. I ended up writing for several brokerage firms even a Canadian one with stock picks and their clients would subscribe to my services. When ever I posted my trade orders in my letter, and posted them to brokerage firms, clients who subscribed to my letter would do the exact same trade. That lasted for maybe more than a year until the SEC made new regulations that letter writers for brokerage firms had to have a stock brokers license. But hey, at least at that moment I've risen up to the level of a busboy.

In 2012 I met Mike Maloney. He came to the restaurant where I was a busboy. I've seen him before but couldn't remember where. He's big on Youtube. I spoke to him for about 15 minutes.

I created a youtube channel teaching stock trading techniques.

I never made over $11 an hour until I was 51.


As of this write it's been over 30 years since I've seen my mom or dad and what became of them I don't know.


I was bleeding when I went to the bothroom my side was hurting. I went to see the doctor and did some test and I'll never forget when I was diagnosed with cancer, it was on the May the 4th be with you. I refused treatment as treatment is a road to their economic wealth and to my death. So I turned to Vitamin B17, Wasabi, sulforaphane, fasting and garlic. I am living pain free no bleeding. No cancer.



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World renowned stock and commodity trader and educator Clark Champ.